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Waste Heat Boilers

As a primary requirement for a waste heat utilization unit it is the cooling of working fluid leaving the appropriate process. In a total majority of cases heat transferred is transformed for steam production. Steam produced in waste heat utilization unit serves for electric power production, for driving machines, as a working fluid to be utilized in different chemical processes or also for heating purposes. In many cases a total power consumption of a chemical production plant is covered by the power obtained in such a way. In accordance with local requirements, boilers producing saturated steam may be completed with economizers serving for preheating feeding water or with superheaters for producing superheated steam.

ZVU Engineering waste heat boilers are designed in fire tube or water tube arrangement, both in horizontal and vertical execution. The design is featured by their heavy duty construction. A particular attention is paid to problems of geometry of the space for steam production, a space for separating water entrained in steam and the design of internal circulation conditions in evaporators.

From the standpoint of long-term operation the designed heat exchange surface area is influenced in principle by fouling factor. The fouling factor can be determined reliably for single process fluids only on the basis of a long-term practice and operating measuring carried out. The ZVU Engineering has at disposal rich experience in this field.

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