Denitration Column Delivery

31.03.2021 New Denitration Column in Nitric Acid Production Line KD5 in Lovochemie, Lovosice, Czech Rep., New Denitration Column in Nitric Acid Production Line in Synthesia Semtín, Czech Rep.

Hydrogen production unit delivery

01.04.2020 Hydrogen production unit of capacity 30.000 Nm3/h for Haldor Topsøe (Denmark) was accomplished by handing over the whole scope of supply to the carrier.

Experimental Units for UniCRE

01.03.2020 Experimental Units for UniCRE

Company activities in 2017

15.12.2017 Main deliveries of ZVU Engineering in 2017

ZVU Engineering Donor Program

01.12.2016 ZVU Engineering donor program

New N30A/B Boiler Internals

01.09.2016 New N30A/B Boiler internals for Nitric Acid Production Line 2, Duslo, Šaľa, Slovakia

Wash Oil Still for JSW Koks coke plant Radlin

01.08.2016 Integrated WO Still and Benzene & Water Separator Delivery to Coke Plant Radlin