Raw Gas Cooling, Condensation

The raw gas, produced by the gasification of liquid brown coal pressure gasification by-products, enters into the raw gas cooling unit at temperature about 200 °C and pressure 28 bars. In the first stage of the cooling the raw gas, saturated by water vapors, is cooled down in the waste heat boiler to the temperature about 160°C. The latent heat of water vapor condensation is transferred in this waste heat boiler into pressure steam generation at temperature about 155°C. Subsequently the raw gas is cooled down in the water coolers to the outlet temperature 35 °C. The liquid gas condensate from waste heat boiler and water coolers is used for the reduction of ammonia content in the raw gas and then is discharged out of process unit into the existing Plant.

Capacity: 135,000 m3n/hour of raw gas

User: Sokolovská uhelná a.s., Sokolov, divize Tlakové plynárny Vřesová

Construction: 1/2004 – 5/2006; put in operation in October 2007

Scope of Work: basic design, detail design, equipment and machinery supply, erection and installation, commissioning, guarantee operation.