Personnel Policy

To establish the stable team of highly qualified personnel for implementation of the projects that comply with the specific requests of our clients is the primary goal of our personnel policy.

Number of employees is 40, thereof 23 employees passed university and 17 employees passed high school. Mean age is 40 years. Knowledge of foreign languages – English, German and Russian – is precondition for handling of the foreign projects.

The Trade Union is regarded by the Company’s management as serious partner namely in the field of employees care, social program realization and employees qualification.  This serious cooperation of both partners is confirmed annually by the Collective Agreement, the key legal document that guarantees the employees’ rights in the above fields. The Collective Agreement for example defines the right of employees for their company funded catering inside its company premises, availability of rehabilitation programs, above-standard indemnification of employees in case of work accident, the Company’s participation in employees’ qualification increasing etc.

The Company, in the frame of ISO standards, accents emphases on the high qualification of all employees. Our employees take part in language courses, quality courses, technical standard courses etc.

The special training of our employees is focused on the active knowledge of the EU–PED–97/23-ES directives and CAEPIPE–SST–Systems–Inc. USA program.

Training of commercial standards and banking tools in the international business, qualifications on the activities in plants construction and MBA training is another part of Company training system.

Mean employment contract is 13 years.