Company Certification

ZVU Engineering´s a.s. intention is to supply good-quality products and to achieve the customer’s satisfaction. The customer’s needs and expectations are changing and therefore ZVU Engineering a.s. permanently improves its products and processes, taking care of the environmental impacts.

The Company Management creates background where the employees are interested in Company´s achievements. The motivating backgrounds establish the conditions for effective performance of the Quality Management System. The unavoidable risk analyses are, as well as, of our priority concern.

Our Company possesses certified Quality Management System elaborated in compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard.


The Quality Management System of our company is defined for the following scope:

“Design and development of machinery, equipment, process units and turn key projects in the field of chemical, petrochemical, power, water treatment and related industries including environmental projects including procurement of respective materials.”


The Quality Management System bases are derived from the Quality Policy purposes.


The Quality Policy of ZVU Engineering a.s.


Being fully aware of its responsibility to establish, implement and maintain the Quality Management System, the Company Management accepts this Quality Policy.


The Quality Policy purposes are as follows:


To fulfill the indicated purposes, the following principles are applied:


1. Permanent customer satisfaction

  • Customer is provided with the products and services of the required quality and scope and in time, as agreed in purchase order.
  • Customer is treated under partnership relations, enabling avoidance of problems and supporting mutual confidence. Customer satisfaction is monitored and evaluated.
  • All measures are taken without delay to avoid complaint occurrence or customer claims to fulfill its justified expectations.


2. Employees motivation

  • Employees are constantly educated in the methods and tools for process improvements, and the team cooperation is supported to solve problems. Through establishing suitable working conditions to support initiative development and creative thinking, employees are motivated to permanent improvement of the Quality Management System.

3. Owner prosperity

  • Long-term owner prosperity is focused on, linked up namely with the company market price increase.
  • Care of product and service quality is considered an inseparable part of the company strategy.

4. Responsibility towards the public

  • On the open communication basis, correct relations are built up with the public.
  • Prior to introducing any product to the market, its safety, reliability and compliance with obligatory regulations shall be verified.
  • System approach is applied at quality control, supporting similar activities at taking care of environment and safety.

5. Cooperation with suppliers

  • Mutually advantageous and long-term relationship is built up and strengthened with suppliers.
  • The suppliers eligible for the quality management system are preferred to at commercial relations.

6. Continual improvement

  • System approach is applied at quality control, together with the principle of company processes continual improvement.
  • Employees as much as possible are engaged through team cooperation in company processes improvement.

The Quality Policy indicated above and the principles contained therein are at employees disposal, and incorporated in writing in ”Quality Manual”. Its compliance and topicality are reviewed regularly by Company Management.


The Company Management associates entirely with the requirements of the quality control standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and makes a commitment to establish continually the conditions and ensure the required sources for the Quality Policy fulfillment and the Quality Management System effectiveness.


Pavel Simajchl, MBA


General Manager




Karel Těšitel, MBA


Jiří Altmann


Petr Pazdera


Leoš Macák 

Commercial and Technical Director


Head of Technical Department


Head of Project


Implementation Department


Management Representative for Quality