Fuel Gas Production

The pressure gasifier with fix bed is the key equipment in the gasification of coal. The screened coal is periodically charged into the gasifier through the coal lock pressure hopper being mechanically controlled by the hydraulic cylinders. The feeding process is automatically controlled according gasifier operating conditions.

The entire gasification process takes place in the gasifier body under pressure 15 to 28 bar. The oxygen and steam mixture at the ratio 1:5 to 1:8, subject to the coal properties, is used as gasification medium.

Coal entering the gasifier comes into contact with hot gases. When it is dried then gradually descends into the carbonization zone, where the tar fractions and gases are distillated. In the next reduction zone coke is produced being then subject of complete gasification in the oxidation zone.

The produced ash is discharged from the gasifier bottom by the rotary grate into the ash lock hopper and then periodically discharged into the ash channel.

Produced raw gas leaves the gasifier at temperature 300 to 400 °C and then, subsequently, is cooled down to its due point by the sprayed phenol water.

The raw, subjected to the next cooling and treatment, is used for heating of the calcinations furnaces.

Capacity: 60,000 m3/hour of raw gas

Client: ZAO Suzmk Energo, Sredněuralsk, Russia

User: AO Aluminij Kazachstana, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Construction: 1/2004 – 10/2005; put in operation in march 2007

Scope of Work: basic design, detail design, supply of key equipments (pressure gasifiers, hydraulic control system), extended basic design of key equipments provided by the Client, supervision during construction, commissioning, guarantee operation